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How Much Do Water Damage Dry Outs Cost in Sandpoint, ID


Initial water damage can have so many negative effects on property. There are some serious issues that can easily go unnoticed and completely compromise the structural integrity of your home and put your health and safety at risk. When your home experiences any form of water damage, it is important to address it quickly and thoroughly to reduce the risk of secondary damage, which can include rotted drywall, insulation, and permanent damage to support beams.


Mold growth is very dangerous and it may cause health issues like breathing difficulties and asthma. The wetness makes the environment stuffy and compromises air quality.

Secondary damage can occur when the initial flooding issue was not mitigated properly and in due time. It could also arise because some form of leakage went undetected. For instance, if your basement was flooded, there could be a leaking pipe that could easily go unnoticed for quite some time. Then what can happen is that the leaking continues and by the time you notice, serious mold growth and structural damage has already occurred. Or, if your dishwasher starts leaking and the contractor simply comes to fix the dishwasher without checking the water supply line to the machine, the problem will only be half-way resolved.

If you do not hire a reputable water restoration company to deal with the issue in the first place, you are likely to deal with a similar situation in the future. To restore the integrity of your home’s structure, make sure water damage is completely addressed by contacting Extreme Property Restoration in Sandpoint, ID as soon as the water damage occurs at 208-263-7379.